Agatha is the wicked nanny who bullied Jessie and Zuri in the episode World Wide Web of Lies. She ran a blog called Toddler Tattler, where she posted out of context pictures that made Jessie and other nannies look like they were very bad at their jobs. However, Jessie and Christina Ross blackmailed her into taking it down. Agatha is similar looking to Nanny McPhee from the film franchise, Nanny McPhee, but their personalities are completely different. She is portrayed by Jennifer Veal.


Season 1

Season 2

World wide web of lies - jessie, zuri, & agatha


  • She is a nanny for a boy named Axel in World Wide Web of Lies, and returns with a girl named Lindsey in Beauty and the Beasts.
  • She used to run a fimiliar blog called Toddler Tattler, which she shut down.
  • She looks similar to Nanny McPhee. This might, but probably not, be a reference to the movie.
  • Her website, Toddler Tattler, is actually not a real website, but not about Jessie and the others nannies.
  • She is shown to be horrible looking.
  • Her hideous appearance often scares people, especially children; two ran away screaming when they saw her coming and one boy fainted when she played "peek-a-boo" with him.
  • Jessie calls her "Hagatha" and "Evil Agatha." She also makes fun of her accent and appearance, once comparing her to the Wicked Witch of the West.
  • World Wide Web of Lies was her first appearance in an episode, not partially revolving Zuri.
  • Ironically, the meaning of Agatha is "good."
  • She used to work for Lord Taylor, but got fired, when her sister came to visit. She was "kicked out."
  • Jennifer Veal also portrayed Angela, her twin sister.
  • Officer Petey fell in love with her, until he found out her mole and tooth were real.

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