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Bryn Breitbart
Background information
First seen "Kids Don't Wanna Be Shunned"
Portrayer Katherine McNamara
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Bryttney Dina Breitbart
Other names
Personality Snobby and Mean
Appearance Curly Redish Blonde Hair, Dark Green Eyes
Birthday 1998 (age 15 or 16)
Occupation Student
Home Yonkers, New York
Enemies Emma Ross
Jessie Prescott
Luke Ross
Ravi Ross
Likes being famous
Dislikes not being famous
Powers and abilities

Bryttney Dina Breitbart is a snobby, mean girl that attends East View High School and is an enemy of Emma Ross. She, at first, lied to everyone by saying that she was a member of the Danish Royal Family and that she was thirteenth in line for the throne, but it was eventually revealed that she lied and, in reality, her family makes toilet paper. She turned all of Emma's friends against her in the episode Kids Don't Wanna Be Shunned. In the end, she throws a nacho at Rosie, aimed for Emma, and causes Rosie to dramatically "die"  (actually fall). She is portrayed by Katherine McNamara.


Bryn and Emma

In Diary Of A Mad Newswoman, she begs Emma to be her friend again, which she accepts. Luke falls in love with her right when he first saw her, which she returns the feelings when she kissed him on the cheek. She is no longer friends with Emma as she tricked her into thinking the cafeteria meat was horse meat, when it was really cow meat, which made the school principal furious, which made Ravi fire her from the team. This makes Luke no longer interested in her. She was later caught when EmmaLuke, and Ravi tricked her into confessing it. She was forced to either tell the principal the truth or they will tell the whole school about what she did. She confessed, which got her fired from the team. 


She is the only one in school who wears Vampire White makeup.


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