Bunny-Bot 3000
is a toy that Zuri wanted instead of Jessie's original Military Mary doll that Jessie's dad gave to her. Jessie then gave it to Zuri. Simon Sneed owned a Bunny-Bot 3000 which he was selling at his Rare and Vintage Toys stand, and he was interested in the Military Mary doll. So, Zuri and Simon made a unfair trade, since Zuri didn't know of Military Mary's real value. Some of the features the Bunny-Bot 3000 had was to say slogans and "poop" out swiss chocolate with almonds. Although it can "poop" out swiss chocolate with almonds, it can run out, and if you wish to keep on using it, you'd have to buy chocolate and refill it yourself. One of the slogans it would say is, "You're the best boy or girl ever! Tell your mommy to buy my DVDs, backpacks and lunch boxes!" Zuri and Ravi attempted to ask Simon Sneed to trade back Bunny-Bot 3000 for Military Mary, but failed with Simon refusing. They went to the Toy-Tacular dressed up in costumes as the children band, The Snugglebugs, members to get back Military Mary from Simon Sneed's auction and give Simon back Bunny-Bot 3000. They suceeded with Simon Sneed being chased by the people who attended Toy-Tacular, but it's still unknown if they still traded them back, as it seems as if they only got Military Mary and didn't give him back Bunny-Bot 3000. 

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