Caleb Shannon
Caleb Shannon
Gender Male
Nationality Texas
Friends and Family
Mrs. Shannon (mother)
J.W. Prescott (stepfather)
Darla (sister)
Jessie (stepsister)
Love interests
Emma Ross (ex-girlfriend)
Other Information
First Appearance
  G.I. Jessie
Portrayed by
Dylan Boyace
Caleb Shannon is Colonel Shannon's son, Darla's younger brother and Jessie's stepbrother. His mom married Jessie's dad. He is also Emma's ex-boyfriend.

He is portrayed by Dylan Boyack

Physical Appearance

Caleb has light brown hair and bright blue eyes. Celeb is very tall. He is taller than Darla and Jessie. Caleb is well-mannered and is great at poetry. It's considered that he is his mom's favorite.

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