Cassandra Chesterfield is the daughter of Rhoda Chesterfield. She is a lizard lover. She came to their apartment to adopt Mrs. Kipling's 12 children. Cassandra says she doesn't like her mother. She is technically Zeus's sister because Rhoda considers Zeus as her son.

She is portrayed by Laura Spencer.


Her first appearance was in "101 Lizards". It was her one and only appearance in​ Jessie.

She was going to return in "No Money, Mo' Problems" and work with Bertram but she was cut.

Physical Description

Cassandra has long straight red hair and wears black glasses. She is tall and has green eyes. 


Rhoda Chesterfield

Rhoda Chesterfield is her mother.

Brooks Wentworth

Her half-brother is Brooks, though they have never been seen together.

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