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    Chubby the Bear is a stuffed animal belonging to Zuri.


Zuri plays with Chubby in many episodes, sometimes putting him as the bad guy or troublemaker to her other stuffed animals. While not obsessive over him, Zuri loves him very much, even saying she would marry him. Chubby the bear is also a good friend to Zuri, as she does almost everything with him such as playing, watching TV, and inviting him to tea parties. However, with Zuri growing up since Season 3, Chubby has not been seen since.


Chubby has black fur and a black nose, which has light brown fur around it. His eyes are also black.


  • He is a possible reference to Winnie-the-Pooh.
  • He is probably Jewish since Zuri invites Bertram to his Bear-mitswa.