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Darla is one of Jessie's friends back in Texas. Darla is Colonel Shannon's daughter and Caleb Shannon's sister and also Jessie Prescott's stepsister. Darla's first appearance was G.I. Jessie, but she has been mentioned by Jessie in several episodes before that. She is shown to be disrespectful and Jessie doesn't like her at all. She also works as a flight attendant.

She is portrayed by Molly Burnett.


Darla is one of Jessie friends back from Texas. Jessie describes her as a blabber mouth in the episode, Star Wars, because when Jessie texted her and told her she was going on a date with the famous movie star, Jordan Taylor, she told everybody. She is said to be very vain, petty, nosy and a very big bragger. She is a very bad friend and it's unknown why Jessie was friends with her. Her family sees her as a nice girl, but with her brother and Jessie and the gang she is cruel, demanding, rude and petty. It's said in G.I. Jessie that she pushed Jessie down a well. She said that she was a cool and popular girl in high school, however she was a very mean one.


Season 2

Season 4


  • She's a nosy show-off.
  • She may have gone to Military School.
  • In Make New Friends but Hide the Old, Jessie states that Darla once pantsed her in front of the whole school, exposing Jessie's underwear.

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