Earl 'Ernie' Samuel Cooper (born 27 July 2001, age 15-17) is the fictional tritagonist of KC Undercover and one of two main guest characters on Jessie episode, The Ghostest With the Mostest. He is a super-nerd who loves spending time on the computer. Ernie also helps his family on missions, but when he first did it, he did not do it properly, and ended up almost blowing KC's cover. Cooper is not very good at socializing and can act very strange towards crushes, or even people. Ernie also hates sports, which makes him similar to other fictional character, Ravi Ross from the Jessie series. When pushed to do so, Ernie stands by his guard and tries to tell the truth. He always gets good report cards, and test results.

Ernie appears only once on Jessie in Season 4.

He is portrayed by Kamil McFadden.


Before Jessie & KC Undercover

Ernie was born on Saturday 27 July, 2001 in Washington DC Library, to Kira and Craig Cooper. His sister, K.C. Cooper, (who was about 4 years old at the time), used to dress him up in Princess clothes, and played with him in the garden all day. A few weeks later, his parents had a fall out with The Organization, and when they arrived at the Cooper's living-room, Ernie asked his parents what was going on. Kira told KC to play with his brother upstairs. That evening everything was sorted and everyone was happy again.


KC Cooper

(1998-Present; Older Sister)

Ever since Ernie was born, KC had loved him so much, and when he was upset, she would make him happy. In the show, they have a very good brotherly and Sister relationship.

Judy Cooper

(2014-Present; Robotic Sister)

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