Help Not Wanted (also known as You're Not the Boss of Me!) is the fourteenth episode in Season 3 of JESSIE and the 66th episode overall. It aired on June 13, 2014. This episode was seen by 2.432 million people.


Jessie needs money so she takes a job at the Empire Skate Building, not knowing Emma will be her boss. Meanwhile Luke & Zuri are trying to earn money by babysitting some kids after Jessie cut off their allowances after buying ridiculous stuff, but it turned out that watching kids was harding then they thought.





Main Cast


Guest Cast

  • Lombardo Boyar as Boomer
  • Kurt Ela as Beau Jones


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Ravi: (with a lot of stickers on him,slowly) So many stickers!

Zuri: (after yelling to children) Oh no! I'm turning into Jessie!

Beau:Does an Ashtanga yogi seek nirvana in Shavasana?(winks)

Emma:Oh,OK.(thinks sad)



  • The kid banging on the piano keys is actually playing random notes.
  • The original title for this was, You're Not the Boss of Me!
Jessie - Help Not Wanted Screenshot
  • When Jessie is given an interview by Emma, she makes a reference to her old character in The Suite Life on Deck, Bailey. When London gives Bailey an interview to work at her store, London asks, "Address?", and Bailey says, "The bed next to yours". Similarly, when Emma asks the same question, she says, "The room next to yours".


Jessie June 13 Promo00:45

Jessie June 13 Promo

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