On the Jessie Wiki, categories can be used excessively, resulting in far too many categories for one page. This guide for categories will explain what categories are the best to add to any article, so please keep them in mind when editing any page's categories. (Credit to A&A Wiki)


  • Episodes Aired in (enter applicable year)
  • Season # Episodes
  • Season #
  • Episodes
  • Over # million views
  • Unaired Episodes


  • Characters
  • Main/Recurring (select one based on character) Characters
  • Males/Females (use one based on character)
  • Adults/Kids (use one based on character)


  • Pairings
  • Fan Pages
  • Character/Cast Pairings (select one based on pairing)


  • Cast
  • Males
  • Females
  • Main Cast
  • Teens/Adults/Kids


  • Song/Episode/etc. Galleries
  • Season # Galleries
  • Galleries
  • Female/Male Galleries (If it is for a character or cast)

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