Characters Shipped

Luke Ross and Shaylee Michaels



Portrayed By

Cameron Boyce and Maia Mitchell

Laylee (L/uke and Sh/aylee) is the romantic pairing of Luke Ross and Shaylee Michaels. This pairing is unlikely, considering the fact that Luke shows more romantic interest in Jessie than Shaylee, and, there is a huge age difference between them. 

Laylee Moments

Jessie's Big Break

  • They hugged each other rather tightly, and, Shaylee even squeezed him a little.
  • They hold each other's hands.
  • Luke chose Shaylee's movie for his filming project for school.
  • Throughout this episode, he is shown to be following Shaylee (and Jessie) around all week, secretly recording them without them knowing.
  • Shaylee kisses Luke on the cheek, as a gesture of thanks for helping her discover McD's true intentions.

Jessie's Aloha Holidays with Parker and Joey

  • Luke randomly pops up when Jessie and Shaylee hug.
  • Luke refers to Shaylee and Jessie as his future first and second wives respectively.
  • Luke offers to kiss Shaylee, but she knocks him out with her bad breath


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