The following is a list of songs from the show JESSIE.

Hey, Jessie (Jessie Theme)

It is the theme song performed by Debby Ryan in New York, New Nanny as the theme song and lead single of the show. It is performed in every episode so far except Austin & Jessie & Ally: All Star New Year.

Texas Guys

It is a song that Jessie wrote a and sang in One Day Wonders.

Hey Jessie, Can't Do It Without You

This is the crossover of the theme songs in Austin & Jessie & Ally: All Star New Year. It is performed by Debby Ryan and Ross Lynch.

Face to Face

It is the crossover song that Austin and Jessie sing in the Austin & Ally crossover episode: Big Dreams & Big Apples. It is performed by Debby Ryan and Ross Lynch.

Worst Year of My Life

It was performed and written by jessie, she wrote it when she thought that Tony forgot their anniversary, but it turned out that she is the one that got the date wrong, and she corrected it with "The Best Year Of My Life"

Best Year Of My Life

It was the second song Jessie performed in the episode "Why Do Foils Fall In Love?", which was the correction of the song "Worst Year of My Life" she wrote about Tony, when she figured out that she was the one that got their anniversary wrong, she made it up for Tony by writing this song.

We're Burning Up

It was written by Renald Francoeur and it is played at the dance party when Luke is dancing with Rachel in Punched Dumped Love.

Favorite Time Of Year

It was performed in the crossover with Good Luck Charlie titled Good Luck Jessie: NYC Christmas. It is performed by Debby Ryan as Jessie Prescott.

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