Original characters

This page is about the original characters as they've been planed.

Main Characters

Marlo O'Keefe (Jessie Prescott)

  • Jessie's name was supposed to be Marlo O'Keefe
  • Originally, Jessie's character was cut. Then, it was planned to be the 17 year old Ross sister called Angel. Later, the character was reshaped again made into what we know as Jessie today.

Annabel (Emma Ross)

  • Her role was originally called Annabel
  • She then was named by Emma Lindgren, Debby Ryan's best friend.

Hiro (Luke Ross)

  • Luke was supposed to be Hiro, a 10 year old boy from South Korea.

Va'Kido/Javier (Ravi Ross)

  • Ravi was supposed to be either Va'Kido, a boy from Greece
  • or Javier from South America with a pet capybara.

Olivia (Zuri Ross)

  • She should have been a girl from Chigaco named Olivia.

Minor characters

Pandora (Christina Ross)

  • Christina was supposed to be a photographer called "Pandora".
  • Originally she was a main character.

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