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“Punched Dumped Love”
Season 2, Episode 20
Air Date

June 28, 2013

Prod. Code



Leigha Barr, Pete Szilagyi


Bob Koherr

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Somebunny's in Trouble


Quitting Cold Koala

Punch Dumped Love is the 20th episode of Season 2 of Jessie and the 44th episode overall. It aired on 
JESSIE - Punch Dumped Love Clip(01:05)
CameronBLoverAdded by CameronBLover
June 28, 2013.


Jessie grounds Emma, telling her she can't go to the school dance, so she sneaks out to warn Luke that his new crush's ex-boyfriend is going to embarrass him. At the dance, Adam Sandler gives Luke some relationship advice. Meanwhile, Zuri and Ravi set traps to catch a burglar. In the end, Jessie comforts Luke and ends up dancing with him at the school dance.


Guest Stars

  • Adam Sandler as Himself
  • Isabella Palmieri as Rachel
  • Jackson Odell as Gale
  • Lenny Jacobson as Ted the Delivery Guy
The song played at the dance party
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  • The title references to the movie "Punch-Drunk Love", which is a movie starred by Adam Sandler.
  • Emma's room is shown for the first time in this episode.
  • Luke gets dumped in this episode.
  • There is a reference to the movie "Grown Ups 2" which is a movie starred by Adam Sandler and Cameron Boyce (Luke) is also in the movie. The reference being, "If we have to have Grown Ups too, I'm glad it's you"
  • A.N.T. Farm's China Anne McClain and Jessie's Cameron Boyce who are in Grown Ups 2, their fathers in the movie guest starred in the the A.N.T Farm episode animal husbANTry and Jessie episode Punched Dumped Love which aired the same day.
  • Emma and Adam Sandler refer to the dance Gangnam Style, a very popular dance craze and the most popular song on YouTube by PSY.
  • The song played at the dance party is We're Burning Up by Renald Francoeur.


  • In this episode, Luke says that Ravi has an outie bellybutton but in Somebunny's in Trouble, Ravi says he has a very deep innie. 
  • When Luke gets punch all over him his hair completly dry. Then when the camera moves to someone else and goes back to Luke, his hair is wet.

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