Shipped Characters

Ravi Ross and Emma Ross


Brother and Sister;best friends


Lavi, Zavi, Luma

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Shipped Characters

Ravi Ross and Emma Ross


Brother and Sister;best friends


Lavi, Zavi, Luma

Rama (Ra/vi and Em/ma) is the platonic brother-sister pairing of Ravi Ross and Emma Ross. It seems like they get along mostly well, but fight occasionally.


  • Both have very reasonable concerns (Emma-Fashion; Ravi-Mrs. Kipling).
  • Both tend to freak out during a bad situation; either screaming, yelling, or panicking.
  • Both have very similar noses.
  • Both seem to be scared of ghosts.
  • The probability of them taking high risks are extremely low (under 20%).
  • Both seem to spend time with Mrs. Kipling the most.
  • Both tend to be very critical at times.
  • Both are often taunted by their younger siblings (Emma-->Luke; Ravi-->Zuri), or they taunt them (Luke-->Emma; Zuri-->Ravi).
  • Ravi and Emma are noticeably less mischievous than Luke and Zuri.
  • Both the maturest of the kids.
  • Both like to listen to jessie
  • They are both very smart.


  • Emma is an girl, while Ravi's a boy.
  • Emma is american but Ravi is an indian.
  • Emma's hair is blonde and her skin is light but Ravi's hair is black and his skin is light tan.

Rama Moments

Season 1

New York, New Nanny

  • Ravi tries to convince Emma that violence is never the answer (although Emma ignores him and hits him with a pillow).
  • And Ravi jumped Emma from behind (stated the fact Emma throws a pillow at Him).
  • Ravi was angry with Emma for hitting him with the pillow.

One Day Wonders

  • Ravi asks Emma if she is going to the park with the rest of the bunch.
  • Ravi showed somewhat of a frown when Emma wasn't going to the park.

Take the A-Train... I Think?

  • Emma and Ravi get left behind at the subway station.
  • They both dance together at the station with Fritz.
  • They spend almost the entire episode together.
  • When Ravi starts freaking out, Emma tries to calm him down.
  • Ravi trusts Emma enough to calm him down.

Romancing the Crone

  • Emma helps Ravi make a video about Mr. Kipling.
  • Ravi agrees with Emma about the costume she picked out for Mr. Kipling, even though Luke doesn't.

Evil Times Two

  • Ravi says that Emma is beautiful as always, but then he says that she should look away.

Gotcha Day

  • When Jessie told that Morgan Ross and Christina Ross was going to expect a baby and Emma said "shh". 
  • Ravi asked Emma (and Luke) asked if they knew anything and they whistled. 
  • Emma (and Luke, Ravi, Jessie, Morgan and Christina) to talk with Ravi in the end. 
  • Emma (and Luke) said that they are happy to have Ravi in the family than what they expected.

Season 2

The Whining

  • Ravi Ross and Emma Ross get scared when they hear a ghost story from Grim.
  • Ravi and Emma run away when they saw blood (Tony's punch) spill out the elavator.
    Jessie S2E1 7
    Jessie S2E1 6
  • Ravi and Emma both belive that Jessie is going to kill them.

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