Salma Espinoza
Salma Espinosa sees Bertram
Gender Female
Age 30-34
Professional Information
  Cook/Salsa Dancer
Friends and Family
Luke Ross, Emma Ross
Love interests
Bertram Winkle
Other Information
Portrayed by
Stephanie Beatriz

Salma Espinosa is a cook at an apartment who lives in a building shared by the Ross family, who Bertram develops a crush on. Her only known appearance as of now is in the episode Toy Con.

She was portrayed by Stephanie Beatriz.


When Luke and Emma find Bertram is distracted while preparing meals, they decide to intervene his love life by setting the two of them up with each other in the lobby, which seems to be successful.

Aside from cooking, Salma enjoys salsa dancing, an activity that nearly terrifies Bertram when they discuss cooking meals for the people who hired them when Bertram doesn't know the dance, but knows the sauce. 


Salma's love interest, Bertram

Luke and Salma Espinosa

Salma dancing with Luke

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