Serena is the coffee-maker that Ravi bought Bertram after he used his old coffee maker, "Carol" to make Mrs. Kipling a drink. After Ravi used the old coffee maker to make a cricket-blended drink for Mrs. Kipling the coffee maker was practically destroyed. Ravi felt bad for destroying Carol, so he asked his dad and some of his other special employees to help make a new, special coffee maker. Ravi then gave the coffee maker to Bertram and when he first saw it he fell in love, like he does with all appliances. And once he saw its additonal feature, that he could speak, he bursted with happiness, and since then he called it Serena. He fell in love with Serena and when Luke wanted to borrow it to help with his Spanish class, Bertram was unhappy, soon after Mrs. Kipling ended up eating Serena. Serena the speaking coffee-maker first made her appearance in the episode, "Coffee Talk" season 3, episode 27.

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