Shelby Michaels is a snobby and very mean girl who offends people. She made fun of Rosie's clothing in Ms. Deviln's art class.

Age 16 -17 Ememies Rosie and Emma

Shelby is a rude person and wears way too much makeup and is not too bright. She also has her name sewn on her clothes (Rosie says she wears her name on her clothes because she can't remember it otherwise). Shelby appears in the episode Make New Friends But Hide the Old. Shelby is in the same grade as Emma and Rosie. They are all in the 9th Grade and they all attend Walden Academy. They all appear to be in Ms. Devlin's 9th grade Art class together. Rosie and Emma in the ending of Make New Friends But Hide The Old put out that they both hate Shelby as one of the things they had in common.

She was portrayed by Shanna Strong.


Season 2

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