Spaced Out (also known as Space Out) is the eighteenth episode in Season 3 of JESSIE and the 70th episode overall. It aired on July 25, 2014.


Ravi's birthday present from Christina and Morgan is a trip into outer space. Things go awry when Ravi is left behind and Jessie, Emma, Zuri, and Luke are on the locked shuttle. Ivan, Bertram, Ravi, and Mrs. Kipling must come to the rescue. At the end, Ravi realizes the whole ordeal was a dream.




Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • John Rubinstein as Ivan/I.V.A.N.


Jessie: Don't worry. We're going with a highly trained astronaut.Ivan: Fantastic! Who did you find?


Ivan: Me? No, no, I not going.

(ship takes off)(all scream)

Jessie: Could you pass me the bathroom?

Zuri: Ocupado!
Zuri: Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? I.V.A.N.:Quit it!

Zuri:OK. I'm thirsty! I'm thirsty! I'm thirsty!

I.V.A.N:Do not make me turn this spacecraft around!
Zuri:What's with the flashing lights?Emma:Club Deep Space in the house,y'all!
(ship takes off,Ravi vomits)(ship reaches space,Ravi continues vomiting)

(parachutes land in water)

Ravi:That was awesome! (vomits again)


  • This episode aired as part of Disney Channel's Out of this World weekend.
  • This is the first time an astronaut appears on Jessie, and the theme is space.
  • Many stations show the title as Space Out.
  • This episode was just Ravi's dream, however, he did the same thing as his dream but barfed.
  • Mypos is also the name of the island near Greece near the Mediterranean Sea, which was introduced in the 1986 ABC series "Perfect Strangers".
  • Since the majority of this episode was a dream, it's unknown what part of the beginning of the episode was real.


  • Ivan makes everyone exercise because apparently you have to be fit to go into space but Bertrum goes into space despite being very overweight. However it was a dream.
  • In the rocket they should have been wearing proper protective space uniform so they could breathe.


To view the Spaced Out transcript, click here.



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