The Jessie-nator: Grudgement Day is the twenty-third episode in season two of JESSIE. It first aired on July 26, 2013.

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A Jessie from the future comes to the penthouse to warn Jessie that Ravi from the future will build a Bertram robot that will mistakenly turn into an army that tries to destroy Jessie and take over the world. Meanwhile, the kids find out what their future will be like.


The Future

According to the information in this episode, we learn the following about the characters.

  • Ravi will build a Bertram robot that tries to destroy Jessie and take over the world. However, this was prevented in the past.
  • Jessie will perform Lord of the Rings on Ice.
  • Jessie loses her left eye because of needlepoint.
  • Emma invents Time Travel to see what next
    season's fashions would be.
  • Luke becomes a Dance-ketball Hall of Famer.
  • Zuri marries Jaden Smith.
  • Bertram has his body replaced with a giant
    mainframe computer.
  • Emma gets mad because Zuri and Luke get famous and not her. (However, we later learn that she became well-known as a scientist.)

But since it is all just a made up story by Ravi, it probably won't happen.



Main Cast


  • The episode title and it's plot is a parody of the 1991 film Terminator 2: Judgment Day  .
  • When Ravi names the Bertram-Bot "Arnold" it is a reference to Arnold Schwarzenegger, the actor that plays The Terminator[1] in the Terminator movies.
  • There is a reference to "Spider Man", when Jessie says "My nanny senses are tingling".
  • Future Jessie is 79 years uses partch on left eye is a parody of "Nick Fury" uses partch on right eye
  • This episode aired during the Flash Forward weekend.
  • "Snap-a-doodle-doo" is a running gag, a catchphrase, and is heard throughout the episode, by Ravi.
  • This is the first episode without a guest. The second one is Morning Rush the third one is Rossed at Sea Part 3, the fourth in Someone Has Tou-pay and the fifth in Katch Kipling.
  • The Thunderdome is a parody of the place in Mad Max of the same name.
  • This is very similar to the DCOM Phineas And Ferb Across The Second Dimension in these following ways:
    • Both have a resisitence
    • Both have robots that can talk and destroy humans if messed with.
    • Both have a villain (Doofensmirts 2 for the movie and the bertram-bot).
    • Both end up with the villain having their plan ruined by something (Doofensmirtz was arrested and the Bertram-bot was destroyed and Bertram who was controlling the bots was made into a vacumm cleaner.
    • Both have a backstory explaining why they became evil.
    • This episode took place on Friday August 5th, 2072. The movie aired on Friday August 5th, 2011.


  • Bertram has said multiple times that Jessie is still a teenager meaning she is 19, but Future Jessie was 60 years older than her, meaning that Future Jessie should have been 79, that could be because it is August, 5th, and the episode is aired on July, 26th so Jessie's birthday might be between these 2 dates, or future Jessie is 79 years old.
  • Future Jessie said she was visiting present day from 60 years into the future which was 2072, However this is 2013 so it should have been 59 years into the future. However this episode was a story and the parts without the future scences which was the very end must have not taken place in 2013.
  • When Ravi was pulling out the cords, everyone but Jessie was on the right, but after the robots stop working, Emma and Zuri are standing by Jessie.


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