begins with Zuri in the park

Zuri:Ah,what a good day.

cage falls

Zuri: I don t remind at the meteo will be 80% chances of cages

Zuri: Help.A child is blocked in a jail of ice lolly.Nobody?The New Yorkers.

changes to the kitchen

Zuri:This was my nightmare i had.What do you think means when you re blocked in an ice lolly

Emma: We study about dreams at the hour of phsiology,it is clear you re scared of Nicolas Cage.

Jessie:So who it will be,two words eyes of crazy.Probably i have a good theory.

Ravi:As every threat freezes who let you two days with a purple tongue who doesn t make you good

Jessie:At what were you waiting,its not an fruct called blueberear.

Jessie: No,i think Zuri is pressed because model of bacchic of Empire Skate will need monday and she is not ready.

Luke:Stay still.Back.You want to tell blueberear he is not real

Jessie:No,no is not real.

Luke:Then what do you think of blueberriar

Jessie:At this you ve catched me

theme song plays

Bertram:You know,and me i was haved a nightmare last night.

Bertram:Hey Bertram why didn t you tell us what happened.Ok.

Bertram:I was back at the high school when my pants was falling,everybody sees my boxers with the famous butler of the world.And the little Jivs.

Luke:You have got boxers.It looks like the nightmare of all of us.

Emma:Oh,i know what it means,you re scared of belts.

Jessie:I think he s scared of something and is not an mod to go to a phsiology.

Bertram:I m stressed about to go at thirty high school reunion


Zuri:Is a lifeguard for service there.

Ravi:Why did you scared to meet your old classmates.

Jessie:And with the antisweat.

Bertram:Because my old nemesis Eric Booth will be there.He was tackling everytime,between time becomes a millionare on Wall Street,and i will feel like a fool

Jessie:Oh Bertram,you re not a fool

Jessie and Bertram:No

Jessie:You re very    ,and more


Jessie:And don t forget your fantasticies

Bertram:Fantatiscies what

Jessie:Anyone will help me

Emma:We don t have.

changes to the park,at Chrone of games

Ravi:Jessie,Mummy massacre,this is the new video game who plays cool kids.

Zuri:Where do you know what cool kids do

Jessie:Finally,someone talks to you

Ravi:No,but if I play this game,I will have to say except ,Because I have space in wardrobe,it doesn t means I don t like.

Jessie:I think you could buy it,but du jera what to do and Saint Orta,what mummy does with the heart

Ravi:I know,but is a little violent

Jessie:Little.Sorry Ravi but I can t let you have a game very bloody

Zuri:Ravi,the trick is not to take permission ew name it Zuri s rope.

Jessie:I will say to cashier to not sell that game to you,in this case of Zuri s rope


Zuri:Ravi,the language

Ravi:You re right,I will wash with soap in my mouth,but now thanks to Jessie I will not be cool.

Zuri:This was not the Jessie s fault.

Ravi:I will not do this,I cannot do that,I did it i m a burglar but no one good if I talk about this

Jessie:Oh Bertram,I was thinking at your life fall

Bertram:Ah seriously I prefer much more than your life

Zuri:We think can you two you have little

Under construction it is not full.

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