Where's Zuri? is the fifteenth episode in Season 3 of JESSIE and the 67th episode overall. It aired on June 20, 2014. This episode was seen by 2.453 million people.



Stuart has a new laid-back male nanny, Hudson. When he has a play date with Zuri, Hudson and Jessie clash, so they stop the kids from seeing each other, Stuart and Zuri are upset and run away.



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JESSIE - Where's Zuri - Clip01:55

JESSIE - Where's Zuri - Clip

JESSIE - Special Event - Where's Zuri? - Friday, June 20 at 8p-200:16

JESSIE - Special Event - Where's Zuri? - Friday, June 20 at 8p-2

JESSIE - Where's Zuri - Next Friday at 8p01:01

JESSIE - Where's Zuri - Next Friday at 8p


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  • Zuri may start to develop feelings for Stuart in this episode.
  • Hudson claiming how he wanted to become a famous journalist he fell out of a cab to become Stuart's guardian is similar to what happens to Jessie in the first episode.
  • Matt Shively later stars in the Disney Channel Movie "How to Build a Better Boy", as Bart Hartley.
  • Matt Shively has also starred in the hit Nickelodeon original show, True Jackson VP.


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