h(In the park and Zurich is running up the steps)
Zuri: Hey kid!
Axel: My name is Axel.
Zuri: Okay... Hi Axel, FYI, all the fun happens on the trip down.
Axel: I don't go down my slide until nanny Agatha sanzatizes it.
Zuri: Your slide? You can't own the slide! The slide belongs to the "people"!
Axel: Go away or I'll call my nanny!
Zuri:Oh you want to play with the nanny call. Jessie!!(Jessie running to Zuri)
Jessie: Ok, what's the damage on the scale of hugs to the hospital!
Zuri: This kid Axel is hogging the slide!
Jessie: Oh, I'm sure he'll move if we ask him nicely. Hi sweety, would you mind...
Axel: Shut your pie hole!
(Zuri and Jessie gasps)
Jessie: Ok let's find his nanny. We need a brat whisper.
( Picks up Zuri off the play set)
( Bunch of nannies around Agatha)
Jessie: Hey, we are looking for Axels nanny.
( Agatha turns around)
Agatha: Yes?
Jessie and Zuri: Oooooo!
Zuri: Yikes!
Agatha: I am Axels nanny Agatha and who might you be.
Jessie: Uh, I'm Zuris nanny Jessie, um...(whispers) I'm also creeped out by her human foot rest.
Zuri: I want to go on the slide!
Jessie: But it seems your kid think it's a libary so, if you wouldn't mind asking him to share.
(All nannies gasps)
Agatha: Clearly you've not been here at time of day, so your forgiven not learning the rules from 1:00 to 5:00, this is my park! And if it's my park, Axel don't share.
Jessie: I'm pretty sure you don't own Central Park.
Zuri: For her sake, I hope she don't own a mirror.
Jessie: (whispers) And for the mirror's sake.
(Axel running to Agatha)
Axel: Nanny Agatha, this stupid girl tried to use my slide, and made me loose my place in my book.
Zuri: Spoiler alert! The little engine can!
(Axel drops his book)
Agatha: Very well, I tried to be reasonable but you force me to be harsh. Get out of my park! These two are chunned!
Jessie: Chun? You got to be kidding me.
(All nannies turns backwards behind Agatha)
Jessie: And their not kidding.
(Theme song playing)
[Scene at penthouse]
Luke: Ready big guy?
(Luke slides Mr. Kipling in the bowling pins)
(Ravi comes running down the stairs)
Ravi: No!!
Luke: Dang it! Another seven tens foot.
Ravi: And should split you. Let it over right mingo!
Luke: Oh, Kipling loves it. Look at his face.
Ravi: That is not a smile, that is agreement of humiliation.
(Ravi screams while chasing Luke to the kitchen)
Ravi: I curse you and your offspring for a thousand generation!
Luke: For me and my offspring ( makes noise out of tongue to Ravi)
Ravi: You dare to (makes noise out of his tongue) me?!
(Runs into Luke to Bertram)
Bertram: Ah!!
(Ravi pinches Luke)
Luke: (gasps) Ow! I can't beleve you just nirpled me!
Ravi: You taught me well brother. Now the nirpley, is now a nirpler!
(Luke and Ravi fights each other)
Bertram: Hey, Hey! Enough with the nirple nonsense! I'm sick of you two fighting. So for now on, you'll going to handle your problems my way.
Ravi: By doing eating your feelings?
Luke: By screaming to the dumb waiter?
Ravi: By we being in the hall closet?
Bertram: Ok, clearly I need to think my closet maganisms. What I meant was, I'm going to teach you guys how to wrestle. And in the meantime... you might want to ice down that nirple.
(Bertram leaves scene)
[Scene in Central Park]
Jessie: I'm sure Agatha and Axel will be happy to share. Once they've tried my famous mad of nuts, Smakadoodle.
Zuri: What those two need a smackadood right upside the head. Can we go to 96 street playground?
Jessie: I can't walk twenty blocks in these heels. (Looks at heels) Although They do make my calves look fantastic.
Zuri: (looks at Jessie's heels) Eh.
Jessie:(smiles) Just go have fun. And what do we say if Axel tries to push you around?
Zuri: Boy, my pink eye sure is feeling contagious today!
(Jessie and Zuri high fives each other)
Jessie: Good girl.
Fiona: Psst. Over here! You sure have the guts to come back here. And under a chun.
Jessie: Um who are you and why are you crouching behind a mushroom? 
Fiona: Get down. Agatha sees everything. I'm Fiona, I'm a nanny.
Jessie: You are.
Fiona: Hey, musicians need child care to.
Jessie: Look, So what's so scary about Agatha anyways? I mean besides that smageled tooth.
Fiona: She got this blog, "Toddler Taddleler", when ever tries to stand up to her, she uploads pictures so she can make them look like bad nannies.
Agatha: Fiona!
Fiona: Got to go, I've already said too much. Just stay out of Agatha's way.
(Fiona gets up behind the mushroom)
Zuri: Ow!! Jessie!
Jessie: Whats going on!
(Jessie helps Zuri up)
Zuri: I tried to use the slide but Axel pulled me down. Then he said he'll make Milly the Mermaid into a spicy tuna roll! Aachoo!!
(Zuri snezzes on Axel)
Axel: Ahh!! Cooties!!
Agatha: You again? Oh Axel angel, you look flushed. Do you need juice? Juice!!!
(Fiona gives Axel juice)
Jessie: Hey Axel, you want a smakadoodl?
Axel: No! I only like organic flowerless carrot cookies. That big nanny is trying to poison me!
Agatha: I thought you have mor brains then to show at my park again.
( Jessie talks Agatha accent)
Jessie: I thought only men had mustaches, and I guess that were botht wrong.
Jessie: (giggles) Wow that accent is fun.
Agatha: Imm giving you one last chance. Trust me you do not want to see my bad side.
Zuri: I thought we were looking at it.
(Agatha, Axel and Fiona walks away)
(Zuris frowning)
Jessie: Hey, turn that frown upside down, we won.
Zuri: I don't know, something doesn't feel right.
Jessie: Probally all the sand on your tutu
( Jessie wipes the sand from zuris tutu)
( Agatha took a picture of Zuri and Jessie)
Jessie: Ok, now you go hide and I'll count to ten.
( Zuri runs to playground)
( Jessie puts her head down counting)
Jessie: 1..2..
(Agatha took a pictuee of Zuri running away to hide)
Zuri: Jessie! Axel threw his stupid organic gum in my hair.
Jessie: What a punk!
( Jessie trying gum out of Zuris hair)
Jessie: Here.
( Jessie and Zuri grunting and Agatha takes a picture of it.
[ Scene at penthouse in movie room ]
( Luke in a suit screaming and does a flip)
Luke: Be my own Luke!
Bertram: You look ridiculous.
Luke: Well, at least I dont look like the great pumpkin. I'm going to scoop you and roost your seats!
( Luke starts runs into Bertram belly)
Bertram: (laughing) That actually tickled. Now go change, your opponent would never embarrass his self.
( Ravi comes in with a costume)
Ravi: Luke! Imm ready to throw down! You will need that masj to hidd that shamp.

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