Worst Year
Song by Jessie Prescott
Episode: "Why Do Foils Fall in Love?"
Genre(s): Pop rock
Length: 0:45
Jessie chronology
Previous: "Face to Face"
Next: "Best Year"

Worst Year is a mean song Jessie wrote when she thought that Tony forgot their anniversary, but then she realised that she was the one that got the date wrong, so she corrected the song into "Best Year", but she performed the mean version infront of an audience. She performed it in the episode "Why Do Foils Fall in Love?"


I'm in my fancy dress
You said we'd leave at eight
You're in your bowling shoes,
You call that a date
I should have known this wouldn't work
You jerk!

It was suppose to be, our anniversary
Instead you chose a night that wasn't heavenly
Tell me, there must be someone better

It was the worst year, it was the worst year
Ripped my heart right from my chest-

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