Zuri and Tony
Characters Shipped

Zuri Ross
Tony Chiccolini


Close Friends



Portrayed By

Skai Jackson
Chris Galya

Zony (Z/uri and T/ony) the pairing of Zuri and Tony in JESSIE. This pairing is generally considered very unlikely to go any further than a friendship on the show, mainly because there is a major age difference between the two of them.

Zony Moments & Triva

  1. Their 1st Apperance was in Krumping and Crushing when they both realize they both like watching the show Power Ponies.
    Zuri and Tony

    Zony (Zuri and Tony) Singing the theme to their favourite show theme (Power Ponies)

Clips of Zony (Z/uri and T/ony)

Zony 1st Apperance01:52

Zony 1st Apperance

Skip to 0:40 for the 1st Appearance of Zuri and Tony A.K.A Zony

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