Characters Shipped

Zuri Ross & Stuart Wooten


Crushes/ Dating



Portrayed By

Skai Jackson & J.J. Totah

Zurart ( Zur/
i and Stu/art) is a romantic pairing of Zuri Ross and Stuart Wotten. Stuart has a crush on Zuri but she's not interested in him at all but then shes gets interested later on in season 2-3. Despite this he tries all his best to get Zuri's heart.

Zurart moments

Season 2 Moments

The Trouble with Tessie

  • He came to the Ross Penthouse to see Zuri.
  • Stuart loves Zuri, even though she doesn't love him back.
  • He called Zuri a princess.
  • At the table, he tried to flirt with her and hold her hand.
  • He complements Zuri's eyes.
  • He came up with the name for him and Zuri.
  • He asks for Zuri's phone to download the tracking app like Tony.
  • When Zuri went to chat with him on the climbing wall, she put her arm him and his arm around her waist.
  • Stuart gave Zuri a playhouse.
  • He gave Zuri a rose.
  • He named his two pet turtles after Zuri.
  • He hugged Zuri.
  • Zuri and Stuart had a double date with Jessie and Tony.
  • Stuart gave Zuri a ring, which Zuri said she would keep.

Quitting Cold Koala

  • He gave Zuri Smelling Soaps Basket, and she took it.
  • When She Said "On me it's cute", Stuart said "I'll say".
  • He covered Zuri's door with their pictures together.
  • He pretented to be in love with Emma to make her jealous.
  • He did her homework for her.
  • Zuri went on a date with Stuart.

Panic Attack Room

  • Stuart wanted some alone time with Zuri and brought her to the Panic room.
  • Stuart and Zuri played chess together.

Season 3 Moments

Acting With the Frenemy

  • Zuri was annoyed when Stuart insisted on having a lunch date with her (which provoked Stuart to cancel the candles and violin player before Zuri notices).
  • Stuart became jealous that Zuri has a crush on Luke's dance partner, Shane.
  • Stuart tried (but failed) to impress Zuri with his lame magic tricks.
  • Stuart challenges Shane to a dance battle over Zuri (in the process, he refers to Zuri as "his boo" to which Zuri replies by booing him).
  • Zuri realizes she has become a stalking image of Stuart when Shane rejected her.
  • Zuri looked impressed when Stuart defended her from Shane.
  • Zuri tells Stuart she now understands what he's gone through and gives him a mint.
  • Stuart mistakenly thought Zuri wanted to kiss him when she gives him a mint and seemed very excited about it.

Where's Zuri

  • Zuri became attracted to Stuart's new "bad boy" attitude.
  • They played with Hudson's fireworks on the penthouse balcony.
  • They both ran away to the Planetarium together on a secret date.
  • Zuri tells Stuart she prefers "the old Stuart" better since he is more romantic and attentive to her needs.
  • Stuart was extremely relieved that Zuri doesn't like his new look, meaning he was getting tired of it himself.
  • Stuart eventually changed back into his old self just for Zuri.
  • Stuart was worried when Zuri got trapped under the rack of paint.
  • They might possibly be dating as of this episode.